Flea Season Is Still Upon Us! 


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Temperature, Dryness and humidity are the best conditions for fleas.

All cats and dogs are susceptible to flea infestations.

     To battle flea infestations requires patience and perseverance, so put on your armor and get to it.  Because the life cycle of the flea is three to four weeks, it will take at least that long to completey rid your pet and its environment of the enemy.  Diffrent flea control products work in diffrent ways, have varying levels of effectiveness and kill diffrent flea stages  (eggs,larvae,and/or adults.)  You'll need to use a combination of products at the same time to be effective.

 Step 1:  Your vacuum cleaner is your number one weapon in the war.  Vacuum your entire house paying particular attention to corners, dark crevices, under furniture, under beds, pet beds rugs and especially around baseboards. Cut up a flea collar and put it in your vacuum bag to kill the fleas.


Step 2: Spray insecticide-When choosing an insecticide read the label.  Look for the ingredient IGR (Insect Growth Regulator).  Spray all carpets, rugs,floors,soft furnishings and places your pet sleeps with an aerosol, flea bomb or fogger that kills  eggs, larvae and emerging adult fleas.

Step 3: Treat your pets: How do I get rid of fleas on my cat or dog?  Which flea product do I use?  The older generation of flea control products is now completely obsolete.  The lastest treatments are top-spots, which are much safer for both pets and humans.  They are applied to the skin, usually between the shoulder blades and disperse through the skins oils.  Some of the top spots available are Activyl, Frontline  Plus and Revolution.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office.Don't forget about your Yard and Garden.

We now have Nexgard the new chewable once a month  flea and tick pill!



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